South Bend Police Headquarters and Training Facility

The City of South Bend, Indiana, commissioned DLZ to provide survey, architectural, and engineering design services for the new Police Department Headquarters and Training Facility.

The Headquarters was located at the Municipal Services Facility, along with the South Bend Fire Department and Street Department. Performing a complete Program Analysis of the Fire and Police Departments helped define the project tasks. The project objective was to renovate the existing facility and construct an additional building.

Project Features

The project is approximately 120,000 gross square feet, and about 20,000 gross square feet of it is new construction. The site has four zones, linked together by an outer access drive.  The zones relate to the building program and provide security as well as a clear circulation path.  Security cameras are strategically located throughout the facility. The primary focus of the building layout is to meet the needs of the staff and administrators, while also promoting service to the community.

The internal circulation is generous and straightforward. The public/community-use spaces are immediately adjacent to the main entrance. The auditorium/classroom forms the heart of the training wing; the Detective’s Bureau is designed around an open office layout. The main lobby and adjacent administrative areas are distinguished with high ceiling and open clerestory windows to create a modest yet distinctive public zone. The clerestory windows also provide natural light to the internal secured areas of the facility.

Site development included improvements in the existing 10-acre parcel of land. Landscape Architecture services included site planning, parking layout, and design, circulation analysis, entrance plaza including site signage, security-bollards/walls, planting plan, and automatic irrigation.

In addition, DLZ provided a new mechanical and emergency power system to serve the 911 Center. The project included the development of a 300 seat tiered training room, several multi-purpose training rooms, a 25M pistol range, and entirely new finishes, windows, roofing, furnishings, and equipment.





Local and State Governments, Public Safety


South Bend, Indiana