St. Francis Beech Grove Hospital Demolition

DLZ prepared plans and specifications for the demolition of the St. Francis Beech Grove Hospital. The project included asbestos abatement, tunnel abatement/demolition, utility abandonment, backfill, compaction, and site restoration of a former hospital. Accordingly, DLZ scoped requirements for removing three on-site transformers containing hazardous waste, two underground storage tanks, and asbestos spray-on fire-proofing material. DLZ included provisions to maximize the recycling and reuse of the materials.

To begin with, the main building of the St. Francis Beech Grove Hospital joined an adjacent building through a breezeway constructed at-grade. The adjoining building and the breezeway remained untouched throughout the project. Therefore, DLZ evaluated the structural components of these facilities and developed procedures for their separation.

One of the challenges this hospital project faced was the residential neighborhood. Thus, DLZ developed a maintenance of traffic plan to control construction-related traffic and to minimize disturbance of local traffic patterns. In addition, DLZ participated in community outreach to keep the residents informed.

The proximity of the residential neighborhood required special provisions to be worked into the plan for air monitoring and dust control. That included control measures for each of the various tasks for structural demolition, asbestos abatement, and the on-site concrete crushing operations. DLZ was on site full-time during the demolition of this project.




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