St. Joseph Energy Center Water Treatment Plant

DLZ provided design services for the St. Joseph Energy Center Water Treatment Plant, a $9.5 million project in New Carlisle, Indiana. The new water plant was required to treat groundwater for use in the energy center’s cooling towers for the 1,360 megawatts combined cycle power plant. The water treatment plant includes:

  • 7.8 MGD (expandable to 15.6 MGD) water treatment capacity, designed for the removal of iron and manganese.
  • Construction of a new 13,300 foot pre-engineered metal building to house high-service pumps, six pressure filters, air blower skid assemblies, electrical equipment, offices, breakroom, laboratory, control room and storage areas.
  • Sodium Hypochlorite storage area and chemical feed system.
  • Construction of a new above ground 500,000-gallon welded steel water storage tank.
  • Onsite lagoons for settling of backwash water before discharge to municipal sanitary sewer system via 6-inch force main (1,650 feet).
  • Onsite sanitary sewer lift station and sampling station.
  • 1,800 feet of 12-inch through 20-inch raw water piping.
  • 1,000 feet of 8-inch through 20-inch treated water piping.
  • Emergency Generator.

The project included the early procurement of greensand filters, which were turned over to the contractor upon delivery. The early arrival of the filters allowed for an accelerated construction schedule of 10-months. Also, the initial procurement of the instrumentation and controls contractor allowed for the selection of equipment and input from the I&C contractor during design.

Accelerated Schedule
15 months from design notice to proceed to construction completion

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