Statler Hilton Hotel Demolition and Asbestos Abatement

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) contracted DLZ to provide Project Management Services for the hazardous materials and asbestos abatement at the Former Statler Hilton Hotel. The hotel was an 18-story structure with a basement and sub-basement. The total above grade floor area was approximately 515,000 square feet.

Project Management Services provided by DLZ included:

  • Preparing a Request for Proposal Document (RFP)
  • Selecting a Professional Services Contractor (PSC) to conduct a Limited Remedial Investigation and Risk Assessment
  • Prepare Bid Specifications for Trade Contractors (TC)
  • Provide project oversight for risk abatement activities
  • Providing conflict resolution and overall management of the PSC and TC for the duration of the project

The overall scope of work for the Statler Hilton Hotel included conducting a detailed risk assessment of the structure and properly removing all general debris. We also abated all asbestos-containing materials and other hazardous materials.

DLZ provided full-time oversight of all abatement and demolition activities to ensure compliance with specifications. We documented all on-site activities, recorded debris quantities generated and disposed, ensured compliance with applicable permits, and tracked equipment and contractor personnel.

In addition, DLZ provided oversight of the air monitoring and vibration monitoring subcontractors by notifying them of any values exceeding the established air quality standards or acceptable vibrations at the Detroit People Mover.




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