SUM-HOWE Avenue Right-of-Way Acquisition

The City of Cuyahoga Falls hired DLZ to conduct right-of-way acquisition services for the improvements to Howe Avenue between the CSX Railroad Bridge at SR 8 and Buchholzer Blvd. The improvements on this project included work on new pavement, curbs, sidewalks, drainage, signage, lighting, and traffic signal installations over a nearly mile-long corridor.

DLZ conducted a variety of acquisition services, including title research, title updates, project management, negotiation, and closing for 25 parcels. In addition, our work for the HOWE Avenue Right-of-Way Acquisition included:

  • Developing impact notes
  • PE-95 appraisal completion
  • Establishment of the FMVE
  • Establishing possible mortgage release parcels early in the project

DLZ began the acquisition work in October of 2017 and completed it in August 2018. This project was carried out on an accelerated schedule of 11 months. There was 13 permanent parcel takes (state highway easement) and 19 temporaries from a wide variety of commercial properties. Many of the property owners were “chain” businesses, such as Walgreen’s, Target, Toys R Us, and Olive Garden. This required contacting and negotiating with representatives that were not local and did not always understand or recognize the need for an accelerated response.




Local and State Governments


Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio