Tank 1, City of Mishawaka, Storage Facility and Pumping Station

DLZ provided Engineering and construction observation services for

  • Rehabilitation of Mishawaka’s existing 3.0 MG water tank (Tank 1)
  • Construction of a new 2.0 MG water tank
  • Construction of an additional booster station, and the extension of the water main

There were three design packages for this project:

Design Package 1

Design Package 1 (DP1) included the preliminary design and final design of both the 2.0 MG storage tank and booster station. This project will include the design and construction of a new 2.0 MG groundwater storage tank (Tank 1 South) adjacent to the existing 3.0 MG groundwater storage tank (Tank 1 North). Construction of the new 2.0 MG storage tank will allow for additional system capacity, as well as provide a means to take either the existing 3.0 MG storage tank or the new 2.0 MG storage tank offline for maintenance activities. In addition, the project will include the construction of a new booster station at the site.

Design Package 2

This project will include the construction of approximately 6,400 feet of new 12” water main from the existing Tank 1 site along Ireland Road and Ireland Trail, to a connection point near Ireland Road and Bremen Highway.  The water main extension in conjunction with the site booster station project will provide for system redundancy to the existing Blair Hills High-Pressure District. With the construction of the new booster station and water main, Blair Hills would get a more reliable and stable source of water, ensuring their citizen’s health and safety.

Design Package 3

Design Package 3 (DP3) consisted of the rehabilitation of the existing Tank 1 North. The Tank has been in operation since 1929 and had not undergone inspection nor rehabilitation since that time. With the construction and operation of the new tank, Tank 1 North could get the attention it desperately needs. DLZ proposed that the following actions be taken:

  • Replace existing 20” valves that isolate the tank from the distribution system
  • Clean Tank 1 North
  • Provide necessary safety equipment for entry and evaluation of Tank 1 North
  • Complete rehabilitation methods for tank
  • Refill tank and test for leakage




Local and State Governments


Mishawaka, Indiana