Tenaris Pipe Mill Equipment Installation for Brahma Group

With the national push for energy independence, pipe mills are at a premium to capitalize on the need for American-made pipe as the conduit for natural gas movement. Tenaris, a global manufacturer and supplier of steel pipes, started construction of the pipe mill in Bay City, Texas . DLZ had initial involvement with structural steel surveying. However, when the equipment precision alignment phase of the work started, Tenaris hired DLZ for excellence in construction.

The primary task for this project was to install over 500 pieces of mechanical equipment. Installation had to be timely yet the owner, Tenaris, had an internal QA team. This team was stringently validating precise locations for final buy off. This project required a unique approach from DLZ to have repeatability and familiarity in a continually changing work environment.

The DLZ team was so successful that eventually the owner allowed DLZ to be the final word on approval, which accelerated the schedule for Brahma Group’s completion. The construction cost for the Tenaris Pipe Mill Equipment Installation project was $1.8 billion, with DLZ fees reaching almost $4 million.

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