Toledo Veterans Glass City Skyway Bridge, Ohio

The Toledo Veterans Glass City Skyway Bridge is a landmark bridge in Toledo, Ohio. It was a part of the widening and replacement of the I-280 connecting route between the Ohio Turnpike and I-75.  The project features an elevated bridge approximately 8,700 feet long, extending from north of Seaman Street to the Greenbelt Parkway. It also includes a signature cable-stay, main-span section over the Maumee River.  The Figg Bridge Engineers of Tallahassee, Florida, designed the cable-stay and elevated bridges.

DLZ was responsible for all of the roadway design and support services for the Toledo Veterans Glass City Skyway Bridge. The roadway design included the mainline roadway, interchange designs at Front and Summit Streets, maintenance-of-traffic plans, major ramps, retaining walls, widening of the Greenbelt Parkway Bridge, the mainline geometric analyses, and all surveying.  DLZ was also responsible for geotechnical engineering, test borings, and laboratory testing for the new bridges and roadway. More than 100 deep borings were drilled for the project.  In addition, we performed full-scale drilled shaft load tests with both vertical and horizontal loading.  DLZ also provided all electrical engineering for the navigational lighting, FAA pylon lighting, interior box girder maintenance lighting, as well as power supply for the bridge decorative lighting.


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Toledo, Ohio