Topeka Legacy TIF Improvements (Project C and D)

The Town of Topeka retained DLZ to provide survey, design, permitting, and construction phase services for redeveloping the south side of Town. Projects A and B included a new fire station and street/utility improvements. At the same time, projects C and D focused on constructing a new 300,000-gallon elevated water storage tower (pedestal) followed by the demolition of the existing 100,000-gallon elevated water storage tower (legged).

The existing tower was erected in 1971, slightly low based on system hydraulics, and was undersized in the tank size and the inlet/outlet water main. The location of the existing tank was also in a place where a local industry desired to expand. Therefore, the new tower was located on the new fire station site at the end of a new roadway. This location was also near a newer 12-inch water main loop along the south side of Town.

Once the new tower placed into service, the demolition of the existing tower was completed. The overall project also included site piping, site grading, lighting, fencing and gates, and a new stone drive. The project design was completed in May 2015, and construction was completed in December 2016.




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