Upper Pogues Run CSO Abatement Project

DLZ was retained by Citizens Energy Group to provide engineering services for the Upper Pogues Run CSO Abatement Project. Pogues Run is a small stream that drains about 6 square miles of waeast and central Indianapolis. Portions of Pogues Run retain natural features that serve as amenities as it flows through local parks. The surrounding areas include some of the City’s old neighborhoods. The combined sewer systems serving those areas overflow to Pogues Run with regularity.

The Long Term Control Plan (LTCP) and Consent Decree required that the control measures for the CSO basins reduce the number of overflows to four or fewer and provide capture of at least 95% of the total wastewater system flow. The Consent Decree also required eliminating dry-weather overflows, maximizing storage in the collection system, and maximizing the flow to the wastewater treatment plant.

Key elements of the project included maximizing the capacity of existing sewer infrastructure, developing a system compatible with residential neighborhoods, and including green infrastructure where feasible. While green infrastructure cannot eliminate storm runoff and sewer overflows in this urban environment, it can reduce the size of system components and provide valuable amenity to the neighborhoods.

DLZ performed an extensive evaluation of the sewer sheds and their hydraulics in formulating a set of system alternatives for CSO abatement and conducted a cost/benefit analysis of their relative value in formulating the recommended plan. The work was documented in an advanced facility plan that included the system’s conceptual design and its components.




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