US 27 over CSX Railroad, Bridge Replacement

The US 27 project consisted of replacement of the bridge and approaches over CSX Railroad (B02) in Harrison County, Kentucky. The project began on US 27 at West Pearl Street, Cynthiana, and extended north to the proposed West Cynthiana Bypass. It covered a total distance of 0.47 miles. It also included a change in the US 27 access for North Main Street that affected both residential and commercial properties. In addition to changing access, it involved some reconstruction of Church Street and West Pearl Street. Also included with this project was a box culvert replacement and extension under US 27. A 20’x10’ box culvert replacement under Church Street and an extension of the existing double 8’x8’ box culvert. A retaining wall was designed in order to minimize the right of way taking, saving a small apartment building.

This project had to align a reconstructed south approach of US 27 that threaded between a historic cemetery and a church. It also involved serious maintenance of traffic issues. The north approach of US 27 was at a significantly higher grade than the existing Church Street approach, requiring staged phasing and a reinforced earth wall for temporary slope support to accomplish construction activities while maintaining average daily traffic of 5,820 through the project area




Local and State Governments


Harrison County, Kentucky