USPS Bloomington Finance Station Alternate Quarters Renovation

DLZ performed design services, cost estimating, and construction administration for the USPS Bloomington Finance Station Alternate Quarters Renovation. The opening of a new finance station was a part of an initiative to consolidate postal operations in Bloomington. This station allowed a larger underutilized facility to be closed, resulting in more efficient operations. The postal service selected adaptive reuse of a former restaurant, which required a significant renovation to meet the needs of the postal service.

This project included a full renovation to accommodate

  • A new full-service lobby, self-service lobby, box lobby
  • Workroom
  • Employee restrooms
  • Administrative offices
  • A new loading area

The building exterior received new paint, metal roofing, and aluminum storefront systems. Additionally, it was glazed to meet the unique needs of each type of space. Since the public box lobby is open 24/7, it requires transparency for user safety. Even the workroom requires tinted glass to maintain security.

The HVAC, plumbing, electrical, technology, and CCTV/security systems also received an upgrade to accommodate the renovation and USPS Standard Design Criteria.
Site improvements included a new lane for a dropbox and re-striping the parking lot to meet the needs of the postal service and provide ADA parking spaces compliant with RE-4 accessibility standards.

The USPS Bloomington project had an ambitious schedule and budget. DLZ successfully completed it through a strong partnership with the JOC Contractor.
DLZ performed the following professional services:

  • Investigative Study
  • Design Services
  • Cost Estimating
  • Construction Administration




Federal Government


Bloomington, Indiana