USPS Grand Rapids Carrier Annex Alternate Quarters

As part of an initiative to consolidate postal operations in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the carriers and selected administrative staff were relocated to alternate quarters. The postal service selected adaptive reuse of a former injection molding manufacturing facility. The USPS Grand Rapids project included a full renovation to accommodate a new carrier workroom, BMEU, locker rooms, break room, restrooms, administrative offices, a new loading platform with lifts, and storage rooms.

The HVAC, plumbing, electrical, technology, and CCTV/security systems were upgraded and modified to accommodate the renovation and USPS Standard Design Criteria.
The project also included full site development including new parking lots, security fencing, gates, and new connections to the City’s municipal utilities.

The project site had subsurface environmental contamination, therefore the site development had to be carefully planned to avoid disturbance and work around environmental mitigation measures that were in place.

DLZ is currently in the process of studying alternatives to develop a training space for postal carriers within this facility. Six alternatives have been developed and presented to USPS for consideration. Once an alternative has been selected, DLZ will assist in its design and implementation.

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Grand Rapids, Michigan