Vigo County Security Center

Facing federal lawsuits over conditions of confinement with their existing jail, Vigo County hired DLZ to develop a comprehensive feasibility study and then a design for their new state-of-the-art facility that redefines correctional design.

Vigo County Security Center promotes a wellness first approach, utilizing more daylight, alternative color schemes, additional program classrooms, and colorful equipment and furnishings. By normalizing space and biophilic design, it aids in reducing stress as well as positively impacts mood and cognitive performance. Natural elements and natural lighting were incorporated throughout the facility to similarly aid in this sense of normalcy for inmates and staff.

Visitation is a key factor for mental stability of inmates and has a large focus. Three distinct types of visitation opportunities are available: video visitation, a conference room for inmates and attorneys, and non-contact visitation. This provides various opportunities for the inmates to connect with people in their lives.

While maintaining quality of life for inmates and staff, how it effects the environment and surroundings is also kept in mind. The new Security Center has reduced the consumption of non-renewable resources and minimizes waste, reducing the impact on the environment while creating a healthy and productive place for individuals. Using solar energy for the facility, the operation generates no pollution or greenhouse emissions while keeping spacious access to systems and facilities.




Justice, Public Safety


Terre Haute, Indiana