Water Asset Management Program, West Bloomfield Township

West Bloomfield Township retained DLZ to develop a Water Asset Management Program (WAMP), as required by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. DLZ completed surveying of water systems to obtain global positioning system (GPS) coordinates of all critical valves and meter structures. Then, they integrated the assets into the Township’s existing GIS system along with water mains and other attributes, including diameter, age, and material.

Level of Service

DLZ developed a Level of Service goals in consultation with Township staff. These goals included

  • Regulation compliance and meeting all drinking water standards
  • Public health goals
  • Reliability
  • Maintaining pressures within the system
  • Limiting disruptions in service.
  • Customer service and response time improvements
  • Limiting non-revenue water
  • Review water rates
  • Efficient system operation.

Financial Service Component

DLZ, also, completed a consequence and probability of failure review and the probability of failure ratings to determine the criticality of assets. Additionally, they evaluated the rating for all assets within the distribution system by multiplying the COF and POF ratings for each asset.

Further, a 20-year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) was developed based on our recently completed work with Township staff, which provided input for the plan.

Then, with additional services from financial consultant H. J. Umbaugh & Associates, DLZ performed a revenue and expense GAP analysis based on the required yearly estimated costs to fund capital improvement projects. Also, the scope included reducing criticality ratings to meet the developed LOS goals outlined in the WAMP. As part of this analysis, the Township’s current operating budget was analyzed to determine if current rates would meet general water system budget expense requirements. This included long-term CIP projects and short-term repairs/replacements the WAMP requirements. Township staff reviewed the financial analysis, which was incorporated into the final document.




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West Bloomfield Township, Michigan