Water & Sewer Utilities Department Building, West Bloomfield

The West Bloomfield Township Water & Sewer Utilities Department contracted DLZ Michigan, Inc. to design improvements to the existing Water Utilities Department Building and the surrounding site.  DLZ contracted DiClemente Siegel Design Inc. (DSD) for mechanical and electrical enhancements to the existing building.

The project helps support a pedestrian-friendly environment, enhance the quality of life for the Water & Sewer Utilities Department staff and Township residents, enhance Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) access, provide stormwater management, and create stormwater awareness.

Improvements included:

  • Removal and replacement of asphalt access drives and parking lots including ADA access, partial permeable pavement, and bumper blocks;
  • Removal and replacement of concrete sidewalks;
  • 8-foot-wide pedestrian pathway connection along Haggerty Road;
  • An aggregate surface course connecting the south access drive to West Bloomfield Trail;
  • Outdoor and indoor lighting enhancements and upgrades;
  • An additional outdoor storage building;
  • Plumbing alterations for ADA compliance;
  • Vegetated swales to infiltrate stormwater runoff;
  • A detention basin with native plants and flowers;
  • Sprinkler system upgrades; and
  • Fueling station upgrades.

With the addition of the attractive stormwater management enhancements, this site will serve as a focal point for the Township to educate residents and the general public on what can be done to enhance water quality.


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West Bloomfield Township, Michigan