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Water System Improvements

Huntertown, Indiana

The Town of Huntertown retained DLZ to provide design services for a multiyear, $4.3 million water system upgrade. The recommended improvements included:

  • Construct a new 500,000-gallon water storage tower.
  • Upgrade the existing water treatment facilities.
  • Install new water main loops to improve service throughout the Town.
  • Design and construct a new well field and water plant to serve the western portions of the Town’s service area.

Individual projects and their status include the following:

Cedar Canyon Road Water Tower
DLZ provided design services and assisted during the construction phase of the new water storage tower located on Cedar Canyon Road, adjacent to the Town’s utility building. The new tower has a capacity of 500,000 gallons, which more than doubles the Town’s storage capacity. The project was completed in December 2008. The total construction cost was $952,000.

Gump Road Water Treatment Plant Improvements
DLZ provided design assistance for upgrades and improvements for the Town’s existing water treatment plant. DLZ personnel worked closely with equipment representatives and service personnel to ensure that all new equipment and other improvements would operate seamlessly with existing facilities and controls designated to remain in service. The design also emphasized the need to maintain the operation of existing facilities until new systems were operable.  Improvements included upgrading the plant’s existing high service pumps and plant controls.

Water Distribution System Improvements
The design services for several water main loops were completed. The project was developed to permit the Town to award multiple projects or a single contract, depending on the bid results.

The project included the installation of over 6,000 feet of 6 through 12-inch diameter water main, new hydrants, valves, and connection to existing water mains. Provisions for alternative materials and installation methods, including directional drilling, were included in the Bidding Requirements. Construction documents also included pavement, driveway, and other site restoration requirements.