Water/Wastewater Utility Expansion Master Planning

The City of Valparaiso has experienced significant growth and development in recent years. Because of this growth and potential economic development opportunities, the Valparaiso City Utilities (VCU) embarked upon the development of a water and wastewater utility expansion master plan to provide a to guide City personnel in locating and sizing drinking and wastewater facilities to serve future development. VCU retained DLZ to provide these services which include:

  • Public stakeholder meetings
  • Review of existing planning studies
  • Evaluation of existing and future water and wastewater demands (20-year study period)
  • Evaluation of water distribution and wastewater collection needs for over 90 square miles of land

Future water distribution looping arrangements, water tower locations, pressure zone boundaries, and fire protection considerations were developed to guide future developments. Recommendations to improve the existing water distribution system reliability were provided. Major collection and pumping systems were evaluated along with the evaluation of changes to the system configuration should a second wastewater treatment plant be developed. Limited flow metering was provided to assess the capacities of critical sections of the sewer.




Local and State Governments


Valparaiso, Indiana