West Columbus Local Protection Project

DLZ was retained by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Huntington District, to perform the four-phase West Columbus Local Protection Project (WCLPP) in Columbus, Ohio. Phase II-  This phase of the West Columbus Local Protection project involved the preparation of detailed plans, specifications, and quantity estimates for the Dodge Park Storm Water Pump Station. Phase II-E  of the West Columbus Local Protection Project was the largest and most complex section to be designed. Over 870 linear feet of Cantilever I-wall, 1,440 linear feet of Flat Base T-wall, and several gate closure structures provide flood protection. Phase III-C  begins at the intersection of I-71 South and Frank Road and traverses southwesterly along Frank Road, approximately 3,500 feet, until it terminates west of Whims Ditch. For Phase III-D  DLZ conducted extensive surveys of four existing combined gravity sewers that were incorporated into an interior drainage pumping and discharge system.




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Columbus, Ohio