I-264 Shawnee Expressway Pavement Rehabilitation

This project consisted of the reconstruction and widening of 5.5 miles of mainline interstate PCC pavement from Crums Lane to the Bank Street interchange on the west side of Louisville. The plans included closing the median in the four-lane section, widening the roadway to six lanes, the rehabilitation of 21 twin bridges including widening 5 bridges, replacing the superstructure on 16 bridges, and placing new 10” PCC overlay on the existing PCC pavement. Also included was the rehabilitation of 18 ramps at four interchanges.

Other items of work included in this pavement rehabilitation project were

  • Installation of pavement edge drains
  • Removal and replacement of the existing median barrier wall
  • Removal and replacement of all permanent signs including numerous overhead sign trusses and their bases
  • Replacement of all guardrail and end treatments
  • Installation of numerous Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) elements
  • Construction of new lighting on the median barrier wall through the entire project.

Additionally, DLZ devoted much time to the Traffic Control Plan (TCP) for this project. The high traffic volumes on this section of I-264 made it necessary to keep four lanes of traffic open at all times. Therefore, a detailed Maintenance of Traffic Plan including three median crossovers, 36 slip ramps and 5 construction phases was prepared.

Utilizing A+B bidding for this project helped in minimizing construction time. Partnering was also utilized to ensure a smooth flow of information between the contractor, KTC and the consultant.




Local and State Governments


Jefferson County, Kentucky