Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport ADA Review

DLZ has provided a number of compliance evaluations for the Wayne County Airport Authority (WCAA) at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW). WCAA operates two airports, each with a number of terminal and non-terminal facilities. At DTW, DLZ has provided reviews of various areas at the following facilities:

  • Westin Hotel, which is owned by Wayne County but operated by Starwood Resorts
  •  Thirteen (13) non-terminal support facilities owned and/or operated by Wayne County, including
    • car rental facilities
    • private passenger and freight operator facilities
    • public safety and badging
    • airport maintenance
  • McNamara Terminal; some areas of which were
    • the main and midfield terminal areas
    • parking structure
    • Ground Transportation Center
    • Delta Sky Clubs

There were specific areas excluded from the evaluation of the McNamara Terminal, including employee common use areas, all offices for various federal agencies and airlines, vendor leased spaces, maintenance shops, and similar spaces. DLZ prepared an ADA Transition Plan for WCAA that summarized the results of the above evaluations, as well as the review of the Evans Terminal performed by another consultant.

Also, DLZ provided a detailed report detailing non-compliant features and recommendations for improvements to meet the standards and increase accessibility for persons with disabilities. The report also included recommendations for consideration for procedural and operations items and items for further action to make the WCAA compliant with the ADA’s Title II requirements. DLZ also prepared a Title VI Implementation Plan for WCAA to comply with the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and performed reviews of design plans of other consultants on various capital projects to ensure a compliant design.


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Detroit, Michigan