CAYMC ADA Compliance Review in Downtown Detroit

The Detroit-Wayne Joint Building Authority (DWJBA) appointed DLZ to perform a compliance review of the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center (CAYMC) in downtown Detroit. DWJBA is a public entity that owns and manages several facilities for the City of Detroit and Wayne County Government. They are also the primary tenants in many of those facilities. The CAYMC comprises of two ‘towers’ – a 14-story office tower and 20-story court tower. The primary tenants include the executive and legislative branches of government for the City of Detroit, Wayne County’s Third Judicial Circuit and Probate Courts, and the Clerks for the City of Detroit and Wayne County.

The scope of DLZ’s ADA compliance evaluation of the CAYMC included only the public circulation areas outside and within the facility, the public accessible restrooms in the lower level of the Office Tower (which are accessible from the Court Tower also), the Auditorium on Level 13 of the Office Tower used for many public meetings of City and County government, and preparation of a detailed report of our findings. No reviews were done within any tenant or common use spaces, including the courtrooms. Following our compliance evaluation, DLZ assisted the DWJBA with design and construction oversight assistance to make a number of accessibility improvements.


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Detroit, Michigan