Services energy


Renewable Energy is a major focus at DLZ. We actively promote renewable energy technology here and abroad, including research and development of minimum impact hydrokinetic technology. We also seek opportunities to restore our environment and create a new model of sustainable community development.

Daily lifestyle actions are implemented into our policies to conserve natural resources and to minimize the company’s environmental footprint. Our staff is fully engaged in building a sustainable future. We recycle in all our offices and promote a paperless business model. We use energy and water saving technologies and utilize LEED principals for all office renovations. We utilize green infrastructure at some of our offices to reduce stormwater volumes and improve its discharge quality. We promote a “non-idling” practice for our large vehicle fleet.

Additionally, DLZ has provided engineering services to several public- and private-sector organizations in the design and construction of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) facilities for fleet vehicle use.