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Our GIS applications deliver practical, efficient, and cost-effective solutions. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are essential to today’s government and private-sector organizations. Our comprehensive services include field collection, remote sensing and image processing, 3-D laser scanning, and application and database design. Our approach to using the latest technologies such as sub-meter, handheld data collectors, Google Earth, and ESRI ArcGIS enable our clients to manage their assets and make sound decisions.

DLZ is a proven leader in performing field inventory programs ranging from small mapping projects to large, state-wide studies. We utilize the latest sub-meter GPS collectors to provide extremely accurate spatial coordinates. Our expertise in designing custom applications for an array of data collectors results in a highly efficient collection process. The ability to leverage geospatial data to support analytical and decision-making processes is the hallmark of a successful GIS. DLZ builds applications customized to the business processes of our clients.

Our novel approach to using newer technologies such as Google Earth, OpenGIS, and Linux provide our customers with flexible solutions and minimal software licensing costs.

DLZ is a proud member of the ESRI Business Partner Network.
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