Clean Energy

Clean and Green Energy have been integral to DLZ’s mission for decades. DLZ has heavily invested in renewable energy and considers this a key area of expertise. With a growing demand for sustainable and renewable energy, our team of experts can assist you in transitioning to clean energy sources. Working with government agencies, developers, private owners and utilities we can develop customized plans that consider their unique needs and constraints. DLZ focuses on a strong understanding of government policy and incentives to engineer tailored solutions having long-term cost savings. Efficiently transitioning our clients to renewable energy is a passion of ours.

We promote domestic and international renewable energy technologies. These include EV systems, solar, wind, hydropower including minimum-impact hydrokinetic technology, and the development of green hydrogen production plants.

Services highlights:

  • Program management
  • Energy efficiency analysis
  • Technical due diligence and risk assessments
  • Feasibility studies and site assessments to determine the viability of a clean energy project
  • Design and engineering services
  • Assistance with permitting and regulatory compliance
  • Project management
  • Construction administration
  • Field services
  • Dam surveillance
  • Instrumentation monitoring
  • Dam safety studies